Popsickle 153cm (Strawberry)

Popsickle 153cm (Strawberry)

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Popsickle Series
The PopSickle is for absolutely fucking slaying powder days. It loves tree runs, tight turns and floating effortlessly while your friends sink from their poor choices. This powerful Claymore will cut through any obstacle in its path. It kills monsters, solves
 dungeons and will melt though any Gelatinous Cube your DM conjures up. Naysayers beware!!! The New PopSickle is here.

Available in sizes: 153, 157cm

Pow Camber

'Popsickle' Specifications


Effective Edge

Nose/ Tail Width

Nose/ Tail Height

Waist Width



113.0 cm

30.6 / 28.8

23.8 / 16.6

25.7 cm

6.8 cm


116.0 cm

31.1 / 29.3

23.8 / 16.6

25.9 cm

7.0 cm