Universal Remote 152cm (Matcha)

Universal Remote 152cm (Matcha)

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The Universal Remote Series
Control your future, past & present with the Universal Remote. This powerful Claymore grants its wielder a boost in power & creativity. Conquer the Mountains, the cities, and the Multiverse. Please note this item does not work with your current TV or smart devices.

Available in sizes: 146cm, 152cm, 155cm, 158cm

Hybrid Camber

'Universal Remote' Specifications

Size Effective Edge Contact Length Waist Width Sidecut
146cm 110.4 cm 109 cm 24.8 cm 7.35 cm
152cm 116.4 cm 114 cm 25.3 cm 7.65 cm
155cm 119.4 cm 117 cm 25.7 cm 7.8 cm
158cm 122.4 cm 119 cm 25.9 cm 7.95 cm