Year Zero Universal Remote 155cm

Year Zero Universal Remote 155cm

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The Universal Remote Series
Control your future, past & present with the Universal Remote. This powerful Claymore grants its wielder a boost in power & creativity. Conquer the Mountains, the cities, and the Multiverse. Please note this item does not work with your current TV or smart devices.

Available in sizes: 146cm, 152cm, 155cm, 158cm

The Death Core is a fun and snappy core that has been proven time after time to be most preferred core from our riders. Years of testing with this core on groomers, terrain parks, and urban terrain has resulted in a proven core that lives up to the standards of the brand

*Death Core = Bamboo + Poplar Core + Strength + Flex + Lightweight + Super Fun

*Medium Flex 

The Death Core has a nice flex that isnʼt too stiff, not too soft, but maintains its liveliness longer than other cores in part to the strength of bamboo. The Death Core is ideal for your day to day riding with your buds and freestyle excursions, wherever that may be. The environmental impacts of bamboo as a rapid renewable resource helps make the core a no-brainer.

Aura of Protection Top Sheet
A magical matte top sheet that protects your board and helps give you grip while riding one-footed. Protects from most-evil spells, hexes, curses, and witch’s brews. Note: does not protect against ski school kids stepping on your board.

Sundae Sidewalls
No one likes chatter. UMHW is a proven industry standard for dampening your ride and letting you focus on where you want to go instead of fighting your deck.  Let our sidewalls help you ride, better.

XXX Fiberglass Weave - for the hardcore kids. Vin Diesel can come too.
With the combo of our Death Core, a triaxial fiberglass weave complements the wood core by adding strength and creates the perfect flex for our snowboards. Combined with the Super Sundae Sidewalls + Death Core, the triaxial fiberglass strengthens the board (torsionally) to help the board keep its strength on turns and gives it the perfect flex. Fiberglass is such an underrated material - biaxial fiberglass makes a snowboard too soft, and basalt triaxial makes it (lighter but) too stiff. Our Fiberglass Weave complements our cores and the rest of our materials together to make it a Super Happytime Death Machine.

Hybrid Camber

'Universal Remote' Specifications

Size Effective Edge Contact Length Waist Width Sidecut
146cm 110.4 cm 109 cm 24.8 cm 7.35 cm
152cm 116.4 cm 114 cm 25.3 cm 7.65 cm
155cm 119.4 cm 117 cm 25.7 cm 7.8 cm
158cm 122.4 cm 119 cm 25.9 cm 7.95 cm