Super Happytime Tech 

Eco Friendly DeathCore = Bamboo + Poplar Core + Strength + Flex + Lightweight + Super Fun.

DeathCore is team tested on groomers, terrain parks, and urban terrain and has resulted in something magical. DeathCore maintains its liveliness longer than other cores in part to the strength of bamboo. The environmental impacts of bamboo as a rapid renewable resource helps make the core a no-brainer.

Aura of Protection Top Sheet
A magical matte top sheet that protects your board and helps give you grip while riding one-footed. Protects from most-evil spells, hexes, curses, and witch’s brews. Note: does not protect against ski school kids stepping on your board.

XXX Fiberglass Weave for the hardcore kids. Vin Diesel can come too. 

A triaxial fiberglass weave complements the wood core by adding strength and creates the perfect flex for our snowboards. Combined with the Sundae Sidewalls + DeathCore, the triaxial fiberglass strengthens the board (torsionally) to help the board keep its strength on turns.

Sundae Sidewalls 
No one likes chatter. We use UMHW to offer the best combination of strength & board feel. 

Super Sundae Sidewalls
This tasty polyurethane sidewall dampens vibrations and reduces the chatter more than other types of sidewalls.  Polyurethane is temperature adverse which makes it resilient and durable.

Carbon Stringer

A one inch carbon fiber strip from tip to tail stiffens The PopSickle to give you the extra lift when needed on those thigh high pow days.