Hooded Oops All Death Machine Coaches Jacket-GLOW IN THE DARK

Hooded Oops All Death Machine Coaches Jacket-GLOW IN THE DARK

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An Eerie haze covers the swamp. You will need protection to survive this. Sometimes the only way to fight evil is with evil. Your jacket begins to Glow brighter than the moonlight as you traverse into the darkness. 

Grants +2 Charisma +1 Strength and Protection from Darkness. For fans of Death Machine, we offer this Jacket.

What's this? A beautifully crafted Jacket, marked in a strange glow, and adorned with snappy buttons. Whoever this Death Machine is, must be very important. You take the jacket, put it on, and are overcome by its glowing beauty; perhaps you will wear this on our next journey, you think to yourself? The jacket flies off your back and into the cart where it awaits payment. Now with 100% more hood. 

Fight Evil with Evil. 

  • 100% nylon 330D with Interior PU waterproof coating
  • Nylon Outer Shell: Waterproof Coating = Level 3
  • Inner PU Coating: Breath-ability/Permeability = 5,000
  • 10K: Waterproof rating 10,000 mm: Moderate moisture resistance, best for light rain or moderate snowfall in dry cool climates.
  • Self neck tape
  • Antique brass eyelets
  • Antique brass 6 snap front closure
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Underarm grommets
  • Drawcord closure at bottom opening
  • Standard fit